+Doctor who;  +eleventh doctor;  +Tenth Doctor;  +Matt Smith;  +David Tennant;  +caps;  +I'll be over here laughing at their faces for the next 10 minutes;  

+Orphan Black;  +cosima niehaus;  +delphine cormier;  +Tatiana Maslany;  +Evelyne Brochu;  +cosima x delphine;  +caps;  

+Doctor who;  +eleventh doctor;  +amy pond;  +clara oswald;  +Matt Smith;  +karen gillan;  +Jenna-Louise Coleman;  +caps;  +i'm sorry i don't post enough;  +I'm the worst;  

+X-Men: First Class;  +XMFC;  +Michael Fassbender;  +james mcavoy;  +cherik;  +Charles Xavier;  +erik lensherr;  +movies;  +caps;  

+Game of thrones;  +GOT;  +Oberyn Martell;  +Pedro Pascal;  +Ellaria Sand;  +Indira Varma;  +Caps;  +they were everything to me and im still not over it;  

+Hannibal;  +beverly katz;  +hetienne park;  +NBC hannibal;  +caps;  +I'm not over her death yet;  +living in denial 5ever;  

+BBC Sherlock;  +Sherlock;  +Sherlock Holmes;  +benedict cumberbatch;  +Louise Brealey;  +andrew scott;  +Jim Moriarty;  +Molly Hooper;  +caps;  

+Captain America: The First Avenger;  +Steve Rogers;  +Chris Evans;  +Sebastian Stan;  +Bucky Barnes;  +movies;  +caps;  

+Sebastian Stan;  +my edits;  +how dare you;  

+Sebastian Stan;  +anthony mackie;  +I don't think they had enough fun;  +for real tho;